Outreach Projects

Ancient of Days Care Project

Photo of Sista Tibewa

Gwendalyn James who is also known as Sista Gwen went to live in Ethiopia 29 years ago. She is one of the beneficiaries of the Ancient of Days Care Project based in Shashamane.

Its director Sista Tibebwa sent out a request for financial support of this vital work of looking after Rastafari elders who were among the first to make the journey from the Caribbean and settle on the land granted by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie 1st as a thank you to the black people of the diaspora who supported Ethiopia during the Second World War. Beta Tabot Lion of Judah Assembly sent out the first donation in the month of Tabaqa Berhan 86HIM/March 2017. Sista Tibebwa received the funds and sent the following message,

“Greetings my sister in those Divine and Precious Names Q’edamawie Haile Selassie and Itege Menen…. I pray that this finds everyone in good health and strong irits…..Give thanks and praise the funds were received today! It worked out to 3045 birr… Once again give much thanks for all the support from Tabot…. Sending you love, joy and peace always…. Your Sister Tibebwa”