Key to the Months

The TABOT Divine Heritage™ Calendar features twelve months as follows. Click the month title for more information and key scriptures.
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Month of the Revelation

Anbassa 1st—30th 91HIM
November 2nd—December 1st 2021


Month of the Lion’s Seal

Hymanot 1st—30th 91HIM
December 2nd—December 31st 2021


Month of Divine Grace

IImmanuel 1st—30th 91HIM
January 1st — 30th 2022


Month of the Light of the World

Ras 1st—31st 91HIM
January 31st — March 1st 2022

Tabaqa Berhan

Month of the Tabot

Tabaqa Berhan 1st—30th 91HIM
March 2nd — March 31st 2022


Month of the Originator

Manassa 1st—30th 91HIM
April 1st—30th 2022


Month of the Triumphant

Danaffa 1st—30th 91HIM
May 1st—30th 2022


Month of the Prosperous

Negest 1st—30th 91HIM
May 31st—June 29th 2022


Month of the Chosen One

Tafari 1st—30th 91HIM
June 30th—July 29th 2022


Month of the Faithful One

Emru 1st—30th 91HIM
July 30th—August 28 2022


Month of the Deliverer

Sawwara 1st—30th 91HIM
August 29th—September 27th 2022

Negus & Dejazmatch

Month of the Anointed One & Key of Glory

Negus & Dejazmatch 1st—35th 91 HIM
September 28th—1st November 2022

*The month of Ras has 31 days in a leap year and 30 days in regular years

**The month of Negus & Dejazmatch is a combination of two seasons: Negus which is 22 days and Dejazmatch which is a 13 day preparation time leading up to the New Year.