Month of the Originator

Manassa 1st—30th 89HIM ~ April 1st—30th 2020

HIM Visit to Jamaica

April 21st 1966 ~ Manassa 21st 35 HIM

“It was the elders who said to I & I Behold! It is H.I.M. Jah! Rastafari! The Head Creator has come
From the land of the rising sun
This was proclaimed in the land of Jamaica On that great day, 21st Mannasa”
© 2015 Ras Mahitema Selassie ~ Tabot Rastafari Ministries

The month of Manassa honours the coming of the King of kings and Lord of lords Emperor Haile Selassie 1st to the Caribbean to empower His people. April 21st 1966 (Manassa 21st 35 HIM) is of spiritual significance to the global community of Rastafari and is known as Grounation Day, the day the King and Head Creator walked on the ground of His people. He inspired and empowered all Rastafari faithful and people of divine purpose to be ‘New Earth Creators’, independent and having dominion to shape their own destiny.

According to Mitsy Seaga, wife of Edward Seaga, the then Minister of Development and Welfare, the crowd, the largest ever seen at Norman Manley International Airport, responded to the appearance of H.I.M on the steps of His aeroplane, “with a roar that was louder than the sound of thunder rolling.” (, 2002)

H.I.M. Haile Selassie 1st called his visit to Jamaica, “the fulfilment of a lifelong desire” and thanked the people of Jamaica for their outpouring of affection.


The fruit of Manassa speaks of the Creator and His power over all creation. It testifies that He is the Power of the heavens and the Earth and that all things were created for His pleasure (Rev. 4:11) As Rastafari, created in His image, we are blessed, empowered to have dominion and to prosper in all that we do. Likewise we are to help and empower our fellow humans to receive God-given liberty, rights and opportunities so that we all have dominion to prosper and have peace in our lives.

(St. John 14:17, St Luke 4:18-19)