Negus & Dejazmatch

Month of the Anointed One & Key of Glory

Negus & Dejazmatch 1st—35th 89HIM ~ September 28th—1st November 2020

Negus Tafari


The Negus revelation comes from Ras Tafari’s crowning as Negus (King) on October 7th 1928. As King he was given the responsibility, trust and sole authority to conduct the whole business of government, both spiritual and secular.

The Dejazmatch revelation comes from Tafari’s appointment by his father H.H. Ras Makonnen to the rank of Dejazmatch when he was 13 years 3 months old on November 1st 1905. This appointment was confirmed and sealed by Emperor Menelik II. it enabled Dejazmatch Tafari to overcome a testing period and to climb the ladder of the Ethiopian realm and royalty, emulating all before him in favour and righteousness.

(Romans 8:28-31; James1:2-4)


The fruit of Negus & Dejazmatch

Negus speaks of Jah’s investment upon you as a king in Christ to be responsible to reign in life successfully

Dejazmatch declares that as a Ras in covenant with Christ and His revelation you have right standing with Jah.

Therefore Negus & Dejazmatch testifies that you have eternal ‘Negus’ authority and power to enforce Jah Word to reign in every area of your life and that you have the God-given ‘Dejazmatch’ grace to maintain righteousness and uprightness in all that you do.

You have the NEGUS & DEJAZMATCH anointing and KEY OF GLORY to do all things with excellence.

(Romans 5:17; Revelation 5:9-10; 1 John 2:27)