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The Seven Pillars of Jah Glory

The TABOT Divine Heritage Calendar is our celebration of the life of His Imperial Majesty, and his Davidic and eternal inheritance that I n I Rastafari have received. It reveals the seven significant anointed periods in his life and as they are reflected and revealed through the life of Yesus Kristos.

Pillar of GloryH.I.MJesus Christ
23rd January 1892
Divinely sanctified in the womb as the Temple of Glory
Divine Conception
St Matthew 1:18-20
(To be revered)
23rd July 1892
Birth of Tafari Makonnen Son of Divine Grace
Birth of Jesus Christ
St. Luke 2:8-11
(Power of the Holy Trinity)
31st August 1892
Baptism of Tafari Makonnen with the name
Haile Selassie
Baptism of Jesus Christ
St Luke 3:21-22
(Commander of the Door)
1st November 1905
Key to Glory
Appointed to rank of Dejazmatch
Key to Glory
Spirit-filled and Spirit-led
St. Luke 4:1
(Prince, Head of family)
11th February 1917
Heir of Glory, sealed with the title ‘Alga Wa Ras’ Crown Prince
The Anointed One
(Power of God)
St. Luke 4:14-19
7th October 1928
Crowned King of Ethiopia
King of Zion
St. John 12: 12-15
(King of Kings)
2nd November 1930
Ascension to the Throne of Glory as King of Kings
King of kings
St Mark 16:19 Revelation 5:1-14