Month of the Chosen One

Tafari 1st—30th 89HIM ~ June 30th—July 29th 2020

Painting of Lij Tafari

LIJ TAFARI The Chosen One In whom Christ would be glorified

The month of Tafari is founded on the birth of Tafari Makonnen and the revelation of his entrance into this world which was accompanied by signs and power. The Ethiopian Chronicles record that in 1889 and 1890 cattle disease and famine hit the land severely and that it ended in 1892 the year of Tafari’s birth. In Christine Sandford’s biography, ‘The Lion of Judah Hath Prevailed’ on the day of Tafari’s birth she writes, “The rains begun in Harar that July day…” (Chapter 4, Birth and Early Life).

In another biography it is recorded that drought was in the land and with Tafari’s first cries the rains came. In tribute of HIM Silver Jubilee, the Jamaican Embassy in the UK recorded that Tafari’s birth was accompanied by the appearance of a special star.

It is evident that this offspring of King David of Israel, Tafari Makonnen, was born, accompanied with signs, power and the grace of God.

The young Lij Tafari

Key Scriptures

Tafari is the Chosen One and saving grace of Ethiopia and the world.

The fruit of Tafari speaks of great favour and of Jah mercy and protection. It testifies that the Spirit of God who we also call Tafari (to be revered) is at work in us and for us to bring about God’s will and purpose for our lives. (St John 14:11-18)